Alternative Uses for Leather Belts

Leather belts never go out of fashion, and we all have some old leather belts resting in the corner of our closets. Leather belts wear out quickly, and this is why most people tend to buy a new belt now and then. Now the question arises, what should one do with the old leather belts that you know you wouldn’t be able to wear again? Of course, you can always donate such things, but using them for alternative purposes is also a great option. 

With these DIY methods, you will be able to use the belts that you don’t or cannot use anymore. Let’s begin. 

1. DIY Wall Organizer 

A wall organizer made out of wood and leather belts can increase the classiness of your home. You will need a wooden board, nails, hammer, and two leather belt strips (take off the belt’s buckle). Simply fold the leather strips in half, and nail them in the wall. Now, place the wooden board between them, as shown in the image. 

You can place books, keys, decoration pieces, or small indoor plants in this DIY organizer. This can also be used in bathrooms for organizing bathing products while keeping the beauty of your place persistent. 

2. DIY Leather Keychain 

Making keychains from an old leather belt is relatively easy. You will need an old leather belt, a craft knife, hammer, leathercraft punch, key rings, and double-cap rivets.  

First, cut some strips out of the belt, and then place a ruler with the craft knife, so the strips come out straight. If you don’t have a craft knife, a sharp scissor may also work fine. Make diagonal cuts on both ends of the strips to form a pointed shape. Fold the leather strip over the keyring, and hammer a hole using the leathercraft punch in the center of it, so it goes all the way through the second side too. Use double-cap rivets to secure the key fob. You can try different shapes and styles by following the same steps. 

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3. DIY Magazine Holder  

This may be the easiest thing you can make out of your old leather belts. You will need one or two belts, nails, a hole puncher, and a hammer. 

Cut both belts short to about 25 inches in length, and fold them in half. After folding them, punch holes on both ends of each belt (make sure to align the holes with each other). Hammer a nail through the holes and secure the strips in the wall, as shown in the image. 

Now, you can place your magazines or newspapers in this hanging organizer. You can also use them in bathrooms for hanging towels. 

4. DIY Leather Pull for Drawers 

You must have seen those classy leather pulls for wooden drawers; wouldn’t it be great if we tell you how to make such pulls with the leather belts you don’t use anymore? All you need is a leather belt, crafting knife, leathercraft punch tool, screws and washers, and a ruler. 

First of all, cut out a piece from the belt with the help of a crafting knife, suitable for the size of your drawer (remember that it’s for a handle, which needs to pucker out a little bit so that you can hold it easily). Now mark the points on the belt strip where you need the holes to go. You can place the piece of the belt against the drawer to accurately measure the location of the holes. Use the leathercraft punch to punch holes. Lastly, push screws, throw the holes and secure it with the drawer. 

5. DIY Handbag Leather Handles 

If you have a handbag whose handles are worn out, you can renew it with leather belts. Cut out appropriately sized pieces from the belt(s) with the help of a crafting knife or a sharp pair of scissors. You can simply glue these straps or sew them into your bag. 

Leather straps look pretty classy with beige or off-white bags. You can save money and time and still look stylish by trying such a trick. If you have an old canvas bag lying around your house with no use, you can recycle it by adding these leather handles. You can then use this bag to shop in grocery stores or farmers’ markets, and even as a baby bag. 

6. DIY Camera Strap 



For all the photographers out there, this one is for you. The things you will need are an old leather belt, copper wire, iron-on fabric patches, a crafting knife, leather punch, wire cutter, pliers, iron (for patches). 

Shape up the ends of the belt if you have shortened it. Apply the iron-on patches and iron them. Use a leather punch to punch holes on both ends of the belt and pass the copper wire through them. Lastly, attach the wires to your camera. Your new camera strap would be very sturdy and stylish. You can skip the iron-on fabric step if you don’t like it. 

7. DIY Vintage Flower Vase 

You can turn any simple vase into a stylish, vintage belt flower vase. All you need to do is, wrap a belt around the vase and secure it with some glue, so it doesn’t come out. You can use different shades of leather belts for this project to make the vase look more appealing. The rustic and vintage vibe of this vase looks more than pretty with fresh flowers in it. 

8. Dog Collar 

If you can wear a stylish belt, why cannot your dog have an elegant collar made out of your old belt? We all know how costly leather collars can be; this is why you should save money and make one by yourself. You just need to measure the right size of the belt and trim it. If you need a leather collar for your dog and don’t have a belt at home, you can get one from any thrift store at a low price. 

9. DIY Leather Belt Book Holder 

This one might seem a little complicated as you need to adjust the height of the belts. What you need to do for this DIY project is grab some belts and hang or nail them with the wall after folding in half (as shown in the image). Now place a wooden board in these belts and secure it with some glue. And that’s pretty much it; you can now store your books or indoor plants in this organizer. 

10. DIY Leather Belt Rug or Doormat

You will need super glue and many old belts for this DIY project. Getting old belts is not a problem – you can either ask all your friends and family to give their old belts to you or buy old belts from any thrift store. Simply cut and glue them together as per your choice, and let them dry properly. Now you have a perfect vintage leather rug or mat that would look amazing on a wooden floor. 


We might waste things thinking that they are of no use anymore. But if we put some thought and effort into such stuff, we can build some amazing things out of them. Just like that, you can experiment and try making several things with your old leather belts. Therefore, the belts wouldn’t go to waste, and you will save money by making DIY stuff at home by yourself, without spending a fortune. 

We may have left out some stuff that you can make out of leather belts, but you can always do more research and try out new things.