Affordable Swimsuit Brands

People can spend so much money while browsing through the racks of their favorite brands. For them, if you like something, there is no need to check and fret over the price tag. They probably never regret it – but a lot of people do. They cannot be as thrifty when spending thousands on a dress just because they like it. 

If you fall in the latter category, you are the type of person who quickly assesses their wardrobe needs before spending a lot of money. Especially with summers around the corner, you are probably bombarded with swimsuit advertisements, luring you to buy the most expensive ones to look the best. While there is no established link between buying the most expensive swimsuit on the racks and transforming you into Victoria’s Secret model, the advertisements tend to paint another picture. 

Swimsuit season does not stay for long. Therefore, it is good to do a little more research on inexpensive and affordable swimsuit brands to save your pocket from being empty. 

Following is a list of some swimsuit brands that do not burn a hole in your pocket:

Where to Buy
CUPSHE Women's Teal Stripe Leaves Print Criss Cross Bikini Sets
SAHA Swimwear Mango one Piece Women’s Swimsuit
Upopby Women's Sexy One Piece Swimsuits Cut Out Monokini V Neck Wrap Criss Cross Swimwear High Waisted Bathing Suits


1. Cupshe 


Cupshe has been designing and releasing swimsuits for a long time. As their focus is on swimwear only, their product line is amazing. They have affordable two and one-piece swimsuits in various sizes. From the smallest of the size to 4X, they have everyone covered. The best thing about their bikini sets is that they are all priced under 100 bucks. How cool is that? 

2. Mango 


If you have been an avid fan of affordable, trendy wear all your life, you would know how you can always rely on Mango. They have a no-fuss swimwear collection that has everything you can think of wanting, but without piling up debts on you. They have hundreds of designs to choose from. From their one-piece bikini to the block-colored scalloped bikini, they have various designs to suit consumers with different preferences. 

3. Zara 

If you are looking for swimwear options that flatter your body while not throwing you in debts, you can choose shopping from a Zara outlet near you. They have the best swimwear that are all under $100. Their collection is full of trendy colors and designs – including block-colored and stripes to florals. 

One of their best is the ruffled orange bikini top that is complemented by a high-waist bottom. It is easily the most comfortable thing to wear in summer. 

4. Madewell 


Madewell has a big name for offering everything trendy and hip-hop without being overly expensive or out of reach for most of the consumers. Their bikinis are flattering and utterly comfortable. They have an extensive range of sizes which is amazing as you can shop from a small size to the largest possible. 

5. H&M 

H&M has been a top choice of many people due to the quality they offer at an affordable price. The swimsuits they make are very convenient and easy to wear. Their collection includes a halter bikini top with wrapped bottoms which is so chic and under $100.

6. Shade and Shore 

This is one of the many affordable clothing brands available at Target. It offers the trendiest swimsuits with an extensive range of bikini sizes that caters to everyone’s choices. From the bikini tops sized 32B to 38DD, Shade and Shore has you all covered. 

7. Aerie 


Aerie is popular for workout gear, but their one-piece swimsuits are as appealing and amazing as anything. If you are looking for an affordable brand to shop from but without compromising on the quality, you might take a look at Aerie’s swimsuits. 

8. Adore Me 

This brand has already made its name in the list of most comfortable and affordable undergarments for women. Now that they have ventured into swim collection is great news. The best thing about shopping from their website is the customized pieces you are offered. You take a simple style quiz on their site, and they send you the pieces that match your style. Also, they give you a week to try everything you get and return the ones you do not want to keep. 

9. Pretty Little Thing 

One of the best things about any brand is the number of variations it can offer to its consumers. This is where PrettyLittleThing beats most swimsuit brands. They have tons of color choices in a style and print – from flattering string bikinis to ones with cutouts or gemstones – you think of it, and they have it. Their prices are also very affordable and can suit consumers of every budget.

10. ASOS Design 

ASOS has numerous affordable brands on their site, including ASOS Design, which we want to highlight here. They have amazing swimwear designs that are mostly under $50 and can conveniently be delivered to you anywhere. Their website is very easy to navigate and lists all the sizes along with each design. 

Affordable is the Wisest 

A lot of people might disagree, but the wisest thing is to shop according to a set budget that you assign to swimwear from your hard-earned earnings. There is nothing worse than going into huge piles of credit loans to get something you can only wear for a short period. 

There has been a wave of minimalism going on, which focuses on nothing else than mindful spending. You should assess your needs first and then decide whether something is worth buying or not. This is an excellent approach to curb your expenses while staying upbeat and chic.