80s Hats and Headwear

During the 1980s, fashion was at its boldest. It is a decade of excess, and it left a fashion aftershock. Some of the notable fashion styles in the 80s were big, bold curly hair and side ponies. Hair sprays are also popularly used way back. Aside from those, people also wore bright and flashy clothes that are matched with colorful accessories as well. Apart from apparel, hats and headwear are also very popular in the 80s.

If you are looking for ways on how to reflect the 80s decade by wearing hats and headwear, you’re in the perfect place. Today, we are giving you some of the best 80s-inspired hats you can wear daily, and as well as colorful and fun headwear you can add to your 80s costume or outfit. 

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Vans X Disney Mickey Mouse 80's Snapback Hat Light Green
80s Sun Visor Red
Nintendo Super Mario Boys Baseball Cap Hat Age 4-7 Blue/Black
The Vintage Year Plain Cotton Twill Flat Brim Mesh Snapback Trucker Baseball Cap
KBETHOS Vintage Washed Distressed Cotton Dad Hat Baseball Cap Adjustable Polo Trucker Unisex Style Headwear
Tcombo Reagan Bush 84' Dad Hat
Reagan Bush '84 | Vintage Style Conservative Republican GOP Baseball Cap Dad Hat Royal Blue
80's Love Robot Funny Cute Vintage Robot w/Feelings - 100% Cotton Adjustable Hat
HHNLB Unisex Camping Hair Don t Care 1 Vintage Jeans Baseball Cap Classic Cotton Dad Hat Adjustable Plain Cap


1. Vans X Disney Mickey Mouse 80’s Snapback Hat

For the fans of 80s Mickey Mouse, this is a gorgeous snapback hat for you. It is a teal-colored hat that is embroidered with 80s Mickey leaning on a coconut tree. If you are collecting Mickey Mouse merchandise, this is an excellent addition to your collection. It can also be a fantastic gift for your friends who love Disney. 

2. 80s Sun Visor

If you are looking for a hat that will complete your retro look, then this 80s sun visor will do the trick. It is a red, transparent sun visor that will add style to any outfit you wear. It is also a great accessory if you will be attending an 80s-themed party. You can also find other colors of this, and they are mostly neon. 

3. Nintendo Super Mario Boys Baseball Cap

Super Mario is a video game character from Nintendo that is part of the 80s. Kids today and as well as adults who grew up in the 80s will surely love to sport a Super Mario cap. It is a stylish cap for kids that is given a touch of magic with its bold colors and intricate details. It has two-tone panels and a mix of textures that create an eye-catching contrast for any outfit. This cap is an officially licensed Nintendo product, and it is made from a long-lasting and 100% cotton fabric.

4. 80s Retro Vintage Hawaii Baseball Cap

This is an 80s vintage Hawaii baseball cap that is best for children under the age of 13. They can wear this hat when doing outdoor class activities and other sports events. It is printed with a retro Hawaii logo. It is a lightweight hat that is made of 100% cotton, making it comfortable to wear and durable as well. It is also a perfect gift for sporty kids.

5. Vintage Washed Distressed Cotton Dad Hat

If you are looking for a simple 80s vintage hat that you can wear with your outfit, then this is a perfect option for you. It has a distressedvintage style that is great for any casual outfits. It is 100% cotton, lightweight, durable, and smooth. It also features an adjustable metal buckle back closure for a great fit. This hat will surely protect your head and face from the harmful UV rays. It comes with many different colors as well, such as light grey, black, dark denim, hunter green, navy brushed, timberland, turquoise brushed, and more. 

6. Reagan Bush ‘84 Dad Hat

This is a great hat, and whether you are getting it for a republican, conservative, or right-wing, it can surely put a smile on their face. The Reagan Bush ’84 design is printed on a soft, comfortable, and 100% heavy brushed cotton twill dad hat. It is a wonderful hat to wear to parties, or it can be an everyday accessory as well. If you are looking for a great hat to wear on a bad hair day, or if you enjoy outdoor activities, this hat is a must-have for you. 

7. Vintage 80s Style Hawaii Baseball Cap

This is another vintage and 80s style Hawaii baseball cap. It is made of 100% cotton, making it lightweight, soft, and comfortable to wear. It has an adjustable strap on back for a great fit. It is a perfect gift for those who are looking for a vintage-looking hat to match their outfits. This cap also comes in colors ash, black, navy, pink, red, royal blue, white, and yellow. 

8. Reagan Bush ’84 | Vintage Style Conservative Republican GOP Baseball Cap Dad Hat Royal Blue

This is a high-quality, genuine 100% cotton-made dad hat especially designed by top-rank Michigan embroideries and artists. America’s leading embroideries employed the revolutionized Tajiuma equipment to make sure that the stitching of this cap will always stick to the manufacturer’s highest standards. This hat takes pride in its unique classic construction with metal-side buckle closure to ensure a comfortable fit for any user. Construction-wise, aesthetic-wise, material-wise, this is the perfect hat for you! 

9. 80’s Love Robot Hat

This is a black hat that is printed with an 80s love robot. It is a fun-looking hat that people who grew up in the 80s will love. It has an adjustable Velcro back to fit your head perfectly. The design is printed in rich, full color, making it look bright and wonderful. The hat is also made of 100% cotton for comfortable wear. It is a really cute hat to give your friends as well. 

10. 80s Retro Vintage Hawaii Washed Jean Cabbie Cap for Women

This is another Hawaii vintage washed cap, and this one has a denim design, and it comes in red color, perfect for women. It features a high definition print that can get anyone’s attention easily. It only has one size, but it fits most, and it is convenient to use everyday. It is best for outdoor sports activities and also a great gift idea. 

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SS Botany Bay - Khan Trek Starship 80s Unisex Flat Bill Hip Hop Cap Baseball Hat Head-Wear Cotton Trucker Hats Asphalt
80's Women Girls Lace Hair Scarf Headband with Satin Bow 80s Costume Cosplay Headpiece
Smiffys Chameleon Hat Size: One Size
elope Guitar Superstar Hat with Hair
Franco 80's Satin Madonna Headband with Giant Bow One Size
Diy-Wig Stylish Men Retro 70s 80s Disco Mullet Wig Fancy Men's Party Halloween Wig Accessory Cosplay Full Wig (Black)
Costumes Rock Devo Whip It Adult Hat Standard
Rubie's Costume Co Men's Super Mario Brothers Mario Hat And Mustache Kit
Set of 3 - Fedora Hat Sequin Glove And Sunglasses by Funny Party Hats
From the 80s Adult Hat and Wig


11. SS Botany Bay – Khan Trek Starship 80s Unisex Flat Bill Hip Hop Cap Baseball Hat

If you love the Star Trek TV series back in the 80s, then you will love this baseball hat. It is printed with Khan Trek Starship Botany Bay, a sub-light sleeper ship. This is also a fantastic hat to wear on the beach, gym, parties, sports events, and other outdoor activities. This hat is made of polyester and is designed using special printing technology. 

12. 80’s Lace Hair Scarf Headband with Satin Bow for Women

If you will be attending an 80s-themed party and you’re looking for an accessory to match your outfit, this lace headband with a satin bow can help you. It is a super cute bow headband that you can wrap around your hair to add an 80s look to your style. It is a wonderful accessory for different 80s-themed costumes and parties. But you can also wear it every day to look more fashionable. 

13. Smiffys Chameleon Hat

This is a fun-looking Boy George Chameleon hat that is perfect to wear to 80s-themed parties and events. It is a black bowler with multi-colored plaits. This hat will truly make you stand out at any party you attend with its wonderful and colorful style. This hat will surely match your 80s outfit and style. 

14. Guitar Superstar Hat with Hair

You can take a trip back to the 80s with this superstar hat with hair. If you’re looking for ways to party like a rock star without having musical skills, then this hat is perfect for you. It is made from 75% polyester and 25% cotton. It also has an adjustable Velcro to fit your head perfectly. You will truly add life to an 80s party and event when you wear this hat. 

15. 80s Neon Madonna Headband with Bow

If you want to look like Madonna at the next party you will be attending, then this Madonna headband with bow is perfect for you. It comes in a neon pink color that will surely match your 80s get up. It is a beautiful finishing touch for your 80s diva costume.

16. 80s Disco Mullet Fancy Wig for Men

This one is a vintage 80s disco party mullet synthetic wig that you can wear on costume parties and 80s-themed events. It is a high-quality wig that is heat resistant and made from 100% Japanese Kanekalon fibers. It is shiny and natural-looking as well. This wig will make you stand out and look good at any party you attend.

17. Devo Whip It Adult Hat by Costumes Rock

This is an energy dome which is a helmet often worn by the American new wave band in the 80s, Devo, and it is part of their stage outfits. If you’re a fan of the band or you want to stand out in an 80s-themed party, then this is the perfect accessory you can wear.

18. Super Mario Brothers Mario Hat and Mustache Kit

This is a cool Super Mario Hat and Mustache Kit. It can be a finishing touch for your Mario costume if you plan to dress up like him at your next costume party. It is an officially licensed costume accessory that is made of 100% polyester. This will surely add a fun look to your costume. It can also be a great gift to fans of Super Mario.

19. Fedora Hat, Sequin Glove, and Sunglasses by Funny Party Hats

Wearing a fedora hat is one of the best choices if you want to rock a perfect 80s outfit. This kit also comes with sequined gloves and sunglasses to help you look like an 80s rock legend on your upcoming costume party. These accessories will surely thrill the crowd and will give you a classic 80s look. 

20. From the 80s Adult Hat and Wig

If you’re a Michael Jackson fan and you want to dress up like him on an upcoming 80s-themed party, then this hat and wig set will help you with your goal. It features Michael Jackson’s hat and as well as his longcurly hair. You can match these accessories with a white top, black pants, and sunglasses, and you’re good to go.

These are some of the 80s hats and headwear that you can add to your outfits. Whether you’d like to add some touch of the 80s to your wardrobe, or you want to go all out in dressing up for a party, all of these hats and headwear will work perfectly for you. If you’re into 80s fashion, you can also check out 80s Style: The Top 5 Best Fashion Trends of the 1980sfor more ideas.