20 Stylish Ideas for Western Belts for Women

For the most fashion-conscious women, they can’t go out of the house without wearing a stylish belt. There are some women who want to wear just one or a couple of belts for some certain occasions, while there are other women who wear a belt just as part of an office ensemble. There also many women who prefer edgy kind of fashion, while others lean toward wearing cool and casual getups, and there are also belts that suit their own style.

But in a Western or “cowgirl” style, a belt is not just an accessory – it is an essential part. If your fashion tastes lean toward Western, check out any our belt suggestions. We’re sure you’re going to love them (and can’t wait to “buckle up” with them!).

Where to Buy
JASGOOD Women's Leather Belt
Wink Gal Women's Boho Metal Western Double Buckle Belt
Belts.com Western Embossed Leather Belt Strap
Luxury Divas Rhinestone Studded Belt
Beltiscool Women's Western Oval Turquoise Stone Concho Chain Belt
HZman Women's Western Cowgirl Rhinestone Studded Leather Belt
Tungho Leather Belt for Women
Belts.com Women's Tooled Western Belt
Nocona Ladies Tooled Cross and Scrolls Belt
Calvin Klein Women's Smooth Matte Leather Belt
Maikun Women's Wide Stretch Elastic Waist Clinch Belt
Tallefort Women's Leather Belt
Nocona Women's Turquoise Inlay Belt
LASFQ Women's Fashion Braided Belt
Jessie's Vintage Western Belt
Maikun Skinny Leather Belt
Ariat Women's Distinctive Oval with Turquoise Belt
Axesoria Vegan Western Turquoise Belt
GSG Embossed Women's Belt

1) JASGOOD Women’s Leather Belt

Quality and great design go hand-in-hand in this Western belt for women. The strap is made of high-quality leather while the buckle is constructed of zinc alloy that gives off a shiny, (hi-ho) silver-like appearance. The beautifully carved design of the buckle harks back to the styles of the Old West. Vintage has truly never gone out of fashion and this belt is just a testament of it.

2) Wink Gal Women’s Boho Metal Western Double Buckle Belt

If you want to take your Western or boho fashion to the next level, we’re sure you’re going to want this beautiful double-buckle Western belt from Wink Gal. The strap is made of quality polyurethane “leather,” while the intricately designed retro silver double buckles will certainly put flamboyance to your Western or “boho chic” ensemble. The double buckles can be disassembled to fit to your flexible style.

3) Belts.com Western Embossed Leather Belt Strap

This embossed leather belt strap from Belts.com will certainly get your friends talking! Made of high quality genuine leather, it is carved with beautiful and intricate Western-style leaf pattern that makes this belt truly a work of art. It also comes with snaps for interchangeable buckles which allow you to snap the belt on and off with no sweat.

4) Luxury Divas Rhinestone Studded Belt

Western fashion can be flexible: sometimes you go casual with just a pair of pants, boots and a leather jacket, and sometimes you throw away the word “subtle” and get dressed to the nines. If you tend to do the latter, we’re sure you’re going to love his rhinestone-studded belt which instantly reminds of of those glittery country music show costumes. The strap is made from faux leather which is filled with hundreds of rhinestones that will certainly add sparkle to your outfit. It comes in three colors: black, brown and white.

5) Beltiscool Women’s Western Oval Turquoise Stone Concho Chain Belt

Western fashion is often incorporated with Native American indigenous style elements such as the use of turquoise and the jewelry made from it. And who says you can wear turquoise only as a necklace, ring, or earrings? You can also wear turquoise around your waist with this lovely turquoise stone-studded concho chain belt from Beltiscool. The solid oval conhco chains are made of zinc alloy while the gems are actually imitation turquoise – but it doesn’t matter whether or not the gems are real, right? It just looks exquisite, and it can give a soft but luxurious touch to your edgy cowgirl style.

6) HZman Women’s Western Cowgirl Rhinestone Studded Leather Belt

This belt from HZman allows you to “sparkle” without getting too obvious and too tacky, since it doesn’t use as many rhinestones unlike in other glittery Western belts. It doesn’t only make a great addition to your cowgirl getup, but it is also a great accessory to your night party dress or any other outfit. The rhinestone-studded buckle is removable.

7) Tungho Leather Belt for Women

This women’s belt from Tunghon is made from genuine cowhide leather and adorned with dainty touches of carved and embossed leaf patterns. The solid and durable buckle is made of alloy and is designed with an Old West vintage style. This belt is beautiful without being too flashy, so it also makes a great accessory for an office attire, casual getup or any other outfit.

8) Belts.com Women’s Tooled Western Belt

Some people like their belts with big buckles. If this women’s western belt from Belts.com doesn’t get any attention, we don’t know what will! The strap is made from 100% high quality full grain leather embossed with floral patterns. The large buckle features an antique patina finish with intricate rococo-style scrolls for a gorgeous vintage effect.

9) Nocona Ladies Tooled Cross and Scrolls Belt

This hand-tooled belt from Nocona is perfect for cowgirls (or maybe even goth girls) who would like their style a bit edgier. The big buckle features a cross and scrolls and that pattern is repeated through its embossed strap.

10. Calvin Klein Women’s Smooth Matte Leather Belt

A lot of cowgirls are practical and therefore they just want to go with the basics – something which they can wear every day. This matte leather belt from Calvin Klein is simple yet is not bereft of exquisiteness mainly because of its quality materials, workmanship and the obvious fact that it is a branded belt. It is made of 100% vintage leather and the buckle has a simple square-shaped design, streamlining your daily fashion.

11. Maikun Women’s Wide Stretch Elastic Waist Clinch Belt

If you want your fashion to “fly,” so to speak, we recommend this “swashbuckling” elastic Western-style waist clinch belt from Maikun. This stretch belt fits snugly around your waist, making it perfect not just for jeans and trousers but also for skirts, one-piece dresses and blouses. The large and intricately designed butterfly-shaped buckle gives off those retro vibes.

12) Tallefort Women’s Leather Belt

Tallefort’s women’s leather belts are simple yet exuding elegance. They’re made of 100% genuine leather so they’re guaranteed to be durable even after many uses. The leather strap is embossed with subtle leaf pattners, while the alloy buckle has a simple yet elegant scroll-designed frame. The belts are versatile and you can complement them with your preferred outfit, apart from the usual cowgirl getup.

13) Nocona Women’s Turquoise Inlay Belt

The turquoise elements are yet again showcased in this stunning belt from Nocona. The strap is made from 100% leather which is embossed with fancy floral patterns and decorated with faux turquoise inlays. The buckle has the same intricate pattern and can be interchangeable.

14) LASFQ Women’s Fashion Braided Belt

This beautiful braided belt is environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free as it uses faux leather and complies to the lead regulations in jewelry. The braided strarp is complemented by a silvery buckle which features a fancy scroll pattern. You can fool your friends into thinking that this is an expensive belt, but it is actually a fake leather belt you’ve just purchased for less than ten bucks! This is perfect for any kind of outfit.

15) Jessie’s Vintage Western Belt

Made of 100% full-grain leather, this hand-tooled belt is embossed with beautiful floral patterns and equipped with a vintage-looking silver buckle. This belt also allows interchangeable buckles. Perfect for any outfit – whether a cowgirl getup, a semi-formal prom dress or a casual attire.

16) Yamezi Women’s Rhinestone-Studded Western Belt

Unlike other rhinestone-filled Western belts, this beautiful belt from Yamezi has rhinestones studded in the right places. The result: this belt dazzles but it doesn’t come off as tawdry. Despite being actually made from a composite material of polyurethane and cowhide, this belt just feels like 100% cowhide leather. The buckle is made of zinc alloy, like most belt buckles.

17) Maikun Skinny Leather Belt

Many women prefer long and skinny belts with a classic, simple and no-fuss design. They will find these qualities in Maikun Skinny Leather Belt! It is made from faux leather and made with fine stitching. It is guaranteed to last long even after many uses. It comes in a no-fail classic design and is available in solid colors such as black, brown, blue, coffee, red, white and orange.

18) Ariat Women’s Distinctive Oval with Turquoise Belt

Ladies! If you want something simple but elegant, you won’t go wrong with Ariat Women’s Distinctive Oval with Turquoise Belt. The silver and decorative oblong buckle is accentuated by a faux turquoise stone. The strap simulates an aged or stressed leather for that fashionably weathered look.

19) Axesoria Vegan Western Turquoise Belt

Fashion can also be noble, such as the case of Axesoria Vegan Western Turquoise Belt. With saving the animals in mind, Axesoria makes its belts which are made of purely plant material, thus this belt is totally vegan and cruelty-free. But you won’t know that it is a vegan belt without being told, as this belt wears and feels like a genuine leather belt. The large buckle is embellished with beautiful faux turquoise. But the belt also features snaps which allow you to change with another buckle of your own choice.

20) GSG Embossed Women’s Belt

Just looking at it and you’ll know that this belt cannot be beat in terms of quality and materials. It is made of  100% cowhide leather, plus it also features a removable screw to adjust the size of the wearer. It is designed with embossed wave-like markings on the sides. In terms of aesthetic quality, this belt is an example of both versatility and subtle sophistication. You can wear it with your jeans, trousers, shorts or skirts.