Tips for Wearing Western Belts for Women

If there is one thing that the years of celebrity fashion have taught us, it is that putting together a unique ensemble demands creativity. Why not try leather or leopard-print pants instead of grabbing for your go-to pair of jeans? Wouldn’t going monochromatic be cooler (and easier) than worrying about top and bottom pairings? Depending on what you have in your closet, several of our favorite star-approved hacks can be tried for little to no money. The classic western belt is the object of a lot of women’s current obsession since it can breathe new life into old clothes.

This accessory made a comeback on the Fall 2019 runways and was seen once more for Spring 2020 after briefly gaining popularity a few short years ago and then fading out. Big, loud buckles are the perfect way to incorporate some fun into jeans and flowy dresses—celebrities and influencers are raving about them, and we can’t argue with that. 

What are Western Belts?

A western belt buckle is a decorative metal ornament attached to a leather belt. They are very popular by people who enjoy wearing western-style clothing. These buckles are well-liked because they have a wild west feel to them. You should definitely think about getting a western belt buckle if you want to give your outfit a touch of western flair.

Style Tips for Wearing Western Belts

cowboy boots, cowboy hat, cowboy belt

The most fashion-conscious woman won’t leave the house without a fashionable belt on. Some ladies like to wear just one or a few belts for specific occasions, while others just wear a belt as part of their outfit for the office. Many women favor edgy styles of clothing, while others tend to dress in cool, casual outfits. Each woman has a different sense of style when it comes to belts. However, a belt is more than just an ornament when dressing in a Western or “cowgirl” style; it is an essential element.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a cowboy belt is, it is a broad leather belt with a pronounced silver or gold buckle that has a rugged appearance. Styling it is not that difficult. Basically, you can wear it with any street-style outfit and quickly add a lot of toughness to your look. There are a ton of other ways to wear this baby. We’ve listed below a few style tips for wearing western belts.

1. Grey V Neck T Shirt with Black Studded Cowboy Belt

When you want to transform a plain-looking street outfit into something more striking, a cowboy belt comes in particularly handy. For instance, a grey v-neck t-shirt and black skinny jeans don’t appear as stylish without a black studded cowboy belt. To complete the look casually, put on black and white sneakers.

2. Grey Sweater with Black Ripped Skinny Jeans & Cowboy Belt

As was previously noted, jeans go perfectly with a cowboy belt. For instance, you may mix a black pair of skinny jeans with a grey sweater. Put on a cowboy belt in black and silver to give the ensemble an edgier, more fashionable look. To add an extra touch of style, complete the look by wearing black leather ankle boots with heels.

3. Wear with Black Cowl Neck Ribbed Sweater & Mid-Calf Boots

A cowboy belt can also be added as a small touch of flair to a discrete all-black ensemble. For instance, you can match a black pair of skinny jeans with a black cowl neck ribbed sweater. To add a little bit of spice to your ensemble, put on a black and silver cowboy belt. Last but not least, a pair of mid-calf black leather boots can significantly improve the style of your ensemble.

4. Red Form Fitting Sweater with Light Blue Skinny Ankle Jeans

You can wear a bright red form-fitting sweater as your top, together with light blue skinny jeans and a black cowboy belt for a simple and vibrant look. To keep the look simple and refined, put on a pair of black leather oxford shoes for your shoes.

5. Wear with Black Leather Jacket & Blue Skinny Jeans

You can pair a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket for an understated yet fashionable look. Put on a black cowboy belt and blue skinny jeans to go with them. You can look casual and stylish by wearing white sneakers for your shoes. Although, wearing a pair of black leather ankle boots would be more preferable if you want to look even more fashionable.

6. Blue Denim Jacket with Black Cowboy Belt

Layering a blue denim jacket over your top is a terrific way to liven up your all-black ensemble. In particular, you can combine a blue denim jacket for the top with a black v-neck shirt to create this ensemble. To finish the look, add black mid-calf leather boots, a black and silver cowboy belt, and black skinny jeans.

7. Pale Pink T Shirt with Light Blue Mini Denim Shorts

This outfit is a wonderful example of the adage “less is more.” A pale pink t-shirt, denim mini shorts, a black cowboy belt, and grey ankle leather boots make up the outfit’s basic components. It’s astonishing how well these pieces fit together and work flawlessly.

8. Black Deep V Neck Form Fitting Long Sleeve Tee with Black Jeans & Cowboy Belt

For those of you who have worked hard to be in shape, here is an outfit that will allow you to flaunt some of your results by allowing you to show some skin and curves. Wear a black deep v-neck long sleeve form-fitting t-shirt to achieve this look. Wear it with a black cowboy belt and black straight-leg jeans with cuffs. Finish the look by donning gold pointed-toe heels.

9. Black and White Deep V Neck Blouse with Cowboy Belt

A cowboy belt can also be worn as part of an extremely stylish ensemble. The contrast between the belt and the classy pieces will be quite interesting as a result. You may, for instance, pair a deep v-neck black and white top with black skinny jeans and a black cowboy belt. Put on a pair of black pointed-toe shoes to complete the ensemble.

10. Black Romper with Cowboy Belt & Leather Jacket

You can pair a black romper with a black leather jacket for the top to create a chic layered look. You could add a black cowboy belt to wrap around your romper to draw attention to your waistline. Wearing a pair of black ballet flats can make you appear fashionable and feminine.

11. Wear with White Bell Sleeve Cropped Blouse & Black High Split Maxi Skirt

Another incredibly stylish ensemble that would be appropriate for a party or a semi-formal occasion is this one. Wear a white bell sleeve cropped blouse with a black maxi high split skirt to achieve this look. For a more fashionable look, wear these items with a black cowboy belt and black leather heeled ankle boots.

12. Black Ribbed Sweater Midi Dress with Cowboy Belt

This is a stylish and cozy ensemble. Wear a black midi sweater dress in ribbed knit and accessorize with a ribbed knit scarf to create this outfit. To gracefully finish the look, add a black cowboy belt and a pair of black mid-calf suede boots.

13. White Maxi Flared Button Up Shirt Dress with Black Belt

You can surely wear this lovely dress to the office. It’s a colorful ensemble with lots of personality. You can pair a black cowboy belt with a white maxi flared shift dress to get this look. For a more fashionable and distinctive style, pair it with orange sandals and a burgundy fringe bag.

14. Pale Pink Boho Style Mini Shift Dress with Black Cowboy Belt

You can dress in a pale pink boho-style mini shift dress to create a nice and artistic look. Wrap the dress with a black cowboy belt if you want to draw attention to your waistline and appear tall and slim. Finally, finish off the look by donning a black floppy hat and a pair of sandals with a nude heel.

15. Gold Cowboy Belt with Orange and Pink Plaid Shirt

Here is an outfit that you might want to try if you want to look stylish and comfortable at the same time. Put on boyfriend jeans, a gold cowboy belt, and a pink and orange plaid shirt as your casual attire. To finish the look, add a pale gray baseball cap and a pair of black leather ankle boots.


We hope you enjoy these outfit suggestions for western belts. Check to see whether a cowboy belt might give your outfit some creativity and make you feel new if you ever feel a little uninspired by what you are wearing.