10 Ideas for Fun Light Up Shoes

Light up shoes or more popularly known as LED shoes are one of the perfect accessories for parties and other events. It’s because the flashing lights they produce are attractive and beautiful and they give out dazzling and bright colors as well. Others might think that only kids wear shuffling shoes but they are wrong because there are plenty of awesome light up shoes for adults as well.

There are many kinds of light up shoes such as those meant for heavy or sports-like use and those which are purely designed for walking. There are plenty of places you can wear light up shoes to and parties are always a great choice. But you can also wear them as your everyday shoes if you want.

If you will be heading to a festival soon and you want to level up your outfit, then wearing some light up shoes might help you with that.Here are some ideas for fun light up shoes that you might like.

Where to Buy
Peak High Top LED Sneakers
Light Up Shoes with Wheels
Fiber Optic Light Up Shoes
CanLeg Breathable LED Light Up Shoes
Annabel Z Light Up Shoes
Helen’s Pinkmartini Light Up Shoes
Light Up Shoes by Electric Styles
Joansam Colorful Light Up Shoes
Voovix Unisex LED Light Up Shoes 
Sabe LED Light Up Shoes

1. Peak High Top LED Sneakers

These are cool metallic light up shoes that are made of microfiber. Its upper part is synthetic leather with a white cotton lining. It has a rubber sole with an LED strip inside. You will simply need to press the button by the charging port to turn the lights on. Each press will change the lights to a different mode, and to turn it off, just hold the button for three seconds. These shoes are available in three metallic colors such as gold, silver, and pink.

2. Light Up Shoes with Wheels

Not only are these shoes light up, but they also have a wheel if you love to skate around. You might be thinking that wheels are not always appropriate, that’s why the wheels of these shoes can be easily hidden. You just have to release the button at the heels to put them away and press the button to release them.

3. Fiber Optic Light Up Shoes

Light up shoes before did not give us a chance to choose over the lights because whenever we took a step, the lights would just come on. But LED shoes today are different because they give us options on when to turn on and turn off the lights. These fiber optic light up shoes have a hidden switch button located inside the strap of the heel. When the shoes are fully charged, they can stay lit for up to eight hours depending on the light up mode.

Aside from the light up options, it can offer, these are also high-quality shoes. It has cloth uppers, making them water-resistant and super lightweight. You can wear them in either hot or cold temperatures. There are three colors to choose from such as white, black, and pink.

4. CanLeg Breathable LED Light Up Shoes

Some light up shoes only have a few LED color changes but these shoes have a whopping 16-color change and four kinds of dynamic color changes as well. The lights are also very easy to control. These shoes come in four colors such as khaki, blue, black, and pink. You can also use them to participate in hardcore activities like running and other sports.

5. Annabel Z Light Up Shoes

These light up shoes feature a distinct flame on their sides. Their upper parts are made with leather while the bottom parts are made with solid rubber. To turn on the lights, simply flip the hidden switch located next to its USB charging port. If you press the switch again the lights will change colors on each press.

6. Helen’s Pinkmartini Light Up Shoes

These light up shoes are a low-top classic sneaker with a lace-up closure. They are designed for stability and speed, as well as perfect fit and comfort. If you’re looking for some cool shoes that will get you the attention you deserve especially in parties, then this is a great choice.

7. Light Up Shoes by Electric Styles

These shoes are designed to be one of the brightest shoes in the market. It will allow you to choose from different color changing modes and colors that will suit your style. These shoes are made of both fabric and synthetic. They come with seven different static colors and five different color changing modes. The lights are also waterproof, meaning, you can wear these shoes even when it’s raining.

8. Joansam Colorful Light Up Shoes

These are glowing shoes that come with a bungee closure. They are very durable because they are made from textile. These shoes can light up in seven different colors which are playful and very bright. These shoes are also very comfortable because they are crafted with a stretchy-fabric and a flexible sole. They can be worn by men and women and can be used as running or sports shoes as well.

9. Voovix Unisex LED Light Up Shoes 

If you’re looking for a much simpler light up shoes, then this will be perfect for you. These shoes resemble regular white sneakers with their sleek, all-white uppers. This trendy LED light up shoes is made of  genuine PU leather with cotton fabric lining and its sole is made of rubber. You can choose from the five color options, including black, gold, silver, white, and pink.  

10. Sabe LED Light Up Shoes

These light up shoes are perfect if you’re going to a party, a club, or even just out running errands. It features seven luminous colors of LED lights which can surely get you noticed. Aside from that, they have breathable cloth interiors, keeping your feet from perspiring. Its soles are also water-resistant to protect you from the elements.

These are some of the ideas for fun light up shoes we can recommend. If you have your light up outfit ready such as shirts and jackets, why not pair them with a really cool light up shoes to complete the look? We hope these ideas will be able to help you come up with your cool light up attire for your next party.