10 Best Trench Coats for Men

Trench Coats for Men

Best Trench Coats for Men

Initially designed for the army officials in the 19th century, the humble trench coat has lost its imperative military connotations and has become a fashion statement or a lot of men. The trench coats these days call to the mind of a person.

The trench coat that can be worn over a smart three-piece suit or can be paired with a relaxed outfit has become an instant crowd-pleaser. Other than being easy on the eyes, it has a removable insulated lining and raglan sleeves which come in various shapes and sizes. The sizes range from just above the knee to just above the ankles.

As one can comprehend, the styling patterns have been clearly influenced by military standards. Selecting an apt trench coat for the wide array of the choices can be quite a hassle. Irrespective of your budget and taste, you are most likely to find a stylish and comfortable trench coat.

Manufacturers make sure to design features that meet the need of the modern man. Without further ado, the following list will provide you the best selection available online which can be ordered with ease:

10 of the Best Trench Coats for Men

Where to Buy
London Fog Men’s Iconic Trench Coat
Zicac Men’s Thicken Md-long Slim fit Trench Coat Jacket With Hood
Hart Schaffner Marx Men’s Burnett Trench Coat
Theory Men’s Belvin WP Voedar Coat
Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Poly- Twill Trench Coat
Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Rado Belted Trench Coat
WD Leather Trench Coat- Men’s Brown Distressed Jacket
BGSD men’s Cameron Double Breasted Mid-length Trench Coat
Genuine Leather Trench Coat- Style GFTRM
Premium Men’s British Classic Fit Rain Resistant Urban Trench Coat

1. London Fog Men’s Iconic Trench Coat

Released in the month of September 2014, London Fog Men’s Iconic Trench coat has been specifically designed keeping in mind the comfort of a person. It is made up of 31 percent Nylon and 69 percent Polyester. The trench coat is a classic double-breasted coat which features functional gun flap along with button-down epaulets. Men who understand the mix of fashion and class, these coats is their best match.

Being made up of lightweight components, with a touch of modernity, these are customized for all seasons. Reaching up to the knee, it is ideal for all those radical men who love to show off a tad bit. The product in two colors on Amazon, i.e. Black and British Khaki. These should only be dry cleaned to retain its top-notch quality. The product is available for the modest price range of 155.55$ - 177.77$. With those prices, it is a steal.

2. Zicac Men’s Thicken Md-long Slim fit Trench Coat Jacket With Hood

The Zicac Men’s Thicken Md-long slim fit Trench Coat Jacket with Hood is a perfect western trench coat that reflects both opulence and fashion. Made out of cotton and polyester, the trendy trench coat is specifically lightweight and is best suited for fall/ spring seasons. These will amplify your confidence level, after all, you would be looking striking with these on. The zipper closer and the long sleeves, certainly display your modernity and fashion statement.

The slim fit trench coat has been designed for the skinny guys who find it hard to get a decent outfit. There are two color variants available for the product, i.e. Black and Khaki. Both the models have a detachable cool hood. You can detach the hood and wear the coat in summer season while staying comfortable. The product is machine friendly which is a big advantage these days, as you don’t have to go through the hassles of dry cleaning. This is fairly cheap being priced in the range of 32.99 $ - 44.99$.

3. Hart Schaffner Marx Men’s Burnett Trench Coat

Finding a decent trench coat for men can be a daunting task. Hart Schaffner Marx Men’s Burnett Trench Coat is a double-breasted coat that features zip-out liners, shoulder epaulets and the most important of all, a detachable collar. The product is made up of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. The amazing color lining and the cross-edge design accentuates the outlook of the trench coat.

The synthetic presence ensures that the coat has a long-lasting finish and it’s great in heavy mist and drizzle. The designer coat has a belted waist and adjustable cuffs for proper fit. The product is available in two color variants of Tan and Black. Both provide a classy look to the wearer. It features an authentic military detail besides a definitive fit, sized to be worn over a suit or a sports coat.

4. Theory Men’s Belvin WP Voedar Coat

Theory Men’s Belvin WP Voedar Coat is considered to be an expensive trench coat. But, it’s worth every penny. The level of style and comfort it delivers has no match and is absolutely the best trench coat for men. Being made up of 75 % wool, 5 % Cashmere, and 20 % Polyamide, the coat is as sturdy as it gets. It has been customized to be worn in all the seasons, be it in the thunderstorms or the sunny weather.

It features a stand collar and a concealed pocket. The spacious interior pockets make sure, you never run out space. The classy coat comes in four different color variations, Black, Deep Marsh, Dark Charcoal, and Eclipse. It is a short-sized trench coat that reaches up to the knees and hence can be worn to business meetings or even sports events.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Poly- Twill Trench Coat

Even though it’s a trench coat, it has a look much closer to that of a fancy Jacket. Made out of 100 % polyester, the trench coat is highly versatile and soft. It can be used under any circumstance while staying classy. The single-breasted jacket features a notched collar, button-tab cuffs, removable zip-out puffer bib, lower top, and side entry pockets. With all these features stuffed into the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Poly- Twill Trench Coat, you would certainly want to own this.

The zippered gray liner is removable which goes down the front of the coat and later you can use the button to make it look fancier. The jacket is best suited for bike riders. Sadly, the product has no other color variant, but black. Nonetheless, black is the ultimate versatile color which goes with everything.

6. Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Rado Belted Trench Coat

Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Rado Belted Trench Coat has the maximum resemblance when it comes to the nineteenth-century models, which were specifically designed for military connotations. The trench coat has its origin from Vietnam and we can actually find ancient photos of Vietnam Militants using coats similar to these. Made from 100 % polyester, the trench coat offers maximum versatility and comfort. Men these days prefer being comfortable over fashion and this trench coat does just that.

The perfectly adjustable cuffs, button placket, and rounded collar just add to the splendid design. The trench coat has two color variants namely Navy and black. The navy color is preferred by most men. It is not machine friend and has to be dry cleaned. It is one of the best products in the market.

7. WD Leather Trench Coat- Men’s Brown Distressed Jacket

The luxurious trench coat is the inevitable key for any fashion-fanatic to dominate in the world of fashion. Other than its pleasing appearance, the jacket will keep your body warm in the cold winter season. The fancy cut leather works well both in casual and smarter situations to amplify your oomph. The 100 % genuinely distressed leather trench coat comes with front zip closure and is tailored to keep you comfortable.

It is crafted with high gauge authentic brown distressed leather and a resilient and long-lasting material to hold up for a protracted stretch. This jacket is fully lined with an additional coating of protection and has an adjustable waist belt & two side pockets. The trench coat has some premium features like highly durable zip and Velcro closure, coral fleece lining throughout and stand up collar with belted buckle. To achieve a different look, you have to try something different. This unique trench coat from Western Digital has each and every component to make you look aptly tasteful.

8. BGSD men’s Cameron Double Breasted Mid-length Trench Coat

BGSD men’s Cameron Double Breasted Mid-length Trench Coat is double breasted with button front closure and shoulder epaulets. The coat has hook and bar closure at neck and a single back vent, for proper flow of air. It features two exterior and interior button welt pockets. A detachable liner has been provided for enhanced comfort and warmth.

The shell and Liner are made up of 100% polyester while the lining is made up of 100% nylon. Whether it’s a meeting you need to attend or a simple night out in a club, the trench coat will complement your look. With this Cameron product, you will look sharp and classic. The comfortable trench coat comes in a stunning black color which dirt resistant. It is one of those products that appear better in real life than in a photo.

9. Genuine Leather Trench Coat- Style GFTRM

Justifying its name, Giovanni Navarre has produced a genuine leather trench coat for men. The “Italian Stone” genuine leather has been specifically designed to keep you warm from head to toe on the coldest of days. Even though many products promise a genuine leather exterior, barely a few manage to stay on course.

Another being excellently crafted, it has been manufactured to heed to the comfort needs as well. Giovanni is certainly famous for its leather products and this is one of those products to look out for. It is relatively cheaper than the most leather products and is certainly better than them. Whether you are on your way to your office or just a football game or to a ski resort, this is a must-have if you want to stay warm despite the harsh climate.

10. Premium Men’s British Classic Fit Rain Resistant Urban Trench Coat

Premium Men’s British Classic Fit Rain Resistant Urban Trench Coat is a timeless jacket for your wardrobe. It is a classic fit with a black Vent which ensures superior fashion statement. The fully lined trench coat features a detachable zipper lining along with an adjustable wrap waist belt. The product is made up of 35% cotton and 65% polyester.

The 100% polyester lining makes sure that it stays put for a long period of time. The detachable lining is 20% wool and 75% polyester. The trench coat is machine washable when the detachable lining is removed. The trench coat has a vent in the back and front side pockets with a vertical inside pocket. The product is lightweight and easy to wear.


While most trench coats have different designs, certain features remain constant when looking for comfortable and stylish merchandise. Comfort and durability should also be considered and not only the style. Most modern men prefer leather jackets, but then again you can choose polyester types if you want something versatile. Choose wisely, and stay comfortable and warm.