10 Best Foldover Pouches

A foldover pouch is one of the most convenient designs for handbags. While they may vary according to capacity, their main attraction is the top flap that keeps everything secure. Moreover, the flap makes for a large canvas for embellishments and designs.

There are several foldover pouches available on the market, but they cater to different needs and requirements. The following discussion would give you ten of the best options when it comes to this style of pouch or clutch.

You would then be able to decide upon the best choice for yourself:

Where to Buy
BMC Women’s Perforated Cut Out Gold Accent Foldover Pouch
FashionPuzzle Tassel Accent Flapover Clutch Purse
MG Collection Foldover Clutch Purse
Fashion Puzzle Envelope Wristlet Clutch
BMC Women's PU Leather White Accent Envelope Clutch
ILISHOP High-end Brand Evening Envelope Clutches
VLiving Tribal Pouch
Felice Women Snakeskin Bag
VLiving Boho Vibrant Multicolor Foldover Clutch Bag
JNB Women's Faux Microsuede Foldover Mini Pouch


1. BMC Women’s Perforated Cut Out Gold Accent Foldover Pouch

This is a fashionable foldover pouch that’s meant to be used as a clutch handbag. It comes in several colors such as navy blue, glimmering gold, creamy beige, and other classy choices. The gold accent design serves as a unique factor that makes this option suitable for evening and party use. The tassel on the zipper enhances the fashionable look, though you would have to make sure it doesn’t get caught in the teeth.

The overall styling of this foldover pouch might be compact, but it does have spacious dimensions inside. The interior also has a soft lining along with a zipped side pocket for small essentials. This ensures that there’s a bit more room than is mostly expected from a foldover pouch.

The design is versatile, with a shoulder chain that you can remove or use. This chain provides around a 20-inch drop. With the magnetic snap buttons, this pouch would make sure all its contents are safe and secure.

2. FashionPuzzle Tassel Accent Flapover Clutch Purse

This is another tasseled option for a foldover pouch with a chain strap. The item itself has very high ratings on Amazon, though the number of reviews may be somewhat limited at the moment. Its available colors are Stone, Brick, Black, Charcoal Gray, Dark Tan, Lemon, Light Peach, and several others. The closure is zippered with the foldover flap having a magnetic snap button.  The dimensions of the pouch are 11.5 inches wide, 7 inches high and 1 inch deep.

There’s a chain strap included with the package that measures around 37 inches and gives a 21.5-inch drop. The material is faux leather, with gold hardware giving a classy look. Inside, there are two slip pockets and one zipped in order to carry your phone, keys, and some cash easily.

The reviews for this foldover pouch are mostly full of praise, with customers saying it can be used as a clutch as well as a cross body bag. Moreover, the customer service provided is also reported to be excellent.

3. MG Collection Foldover Clutch Purse

This foldover pouch by MG Collection can easily be used as a fashionable evening handbag. It provides a formal, elegant look with its leatherette material. The material and construction also make for a durable and long-lasting use, ensuring that you get the most value out of your purchase.

The flap on this pouch has a zipper, opening up to the interior. Inside, you’ll get two slip pockets and one zippered pocket. There’s no chain strap provided, so you can choose to carry the pouch under your arms or in your hand. The overall look is a classic and natural one that can be paired with almost any professional or formal outfit. You’ll have ample space for small essentials with the interior dimensions of 12.25-inch width, 8.5-inch height, and 1-inch depth of this pouch. The exterior dimensions are around half an inch large than this on all sides.

4. Fashion Puzzle Envelope Wristlet Clutch

This cover pouch option is not just a clutch, but also a secure cross body bag if you prefer that style. It has a zipper closure with a magnetic snap for extra security. Its dimensions are a bit on the small side, being 9 inches in length, 6 in height, and 1 in depth. The chain strap provided is quite long, giving a 23.5-inch drop. In order to accommodate all your essentials when you’re out partying, this clutch gives you two open pockets, one zipped pocket, and three slots for your cards. There’s even an 8-inch wrist strap in you need to carry your purse in this manner.

The various holding styles and versatility of this clutch would come in handy if you have several events to attend. Its wristlet option is especially convenient in your need to navigate or manage the crowds in some place. This would allow you easy access to your required items while keeping your hands free.

5. BMC Women’s PU Leather White Accent Envelope Clutch

This foldover pouch comes in two color options, which are fuchsia pink and sapphire blue. Both are brightly-colored choices that are available in two tones, providing a unique look and feel to the final item. Like many other options on this list, these also come with a removable shoulder chain.

Along with the other attractive features of this pouch, one that stands out is the fact that it’s a vegan option. The faux leather gives it a beautiful modern appearance, while the alloy metal accents give it a unique look.

Inside this pouch, the main compartment is lined with soft fabric that contains one side pocket. This may not give you much space for your needs, but it would hold the bare essentials for enjoying a party or any office event.

6. ILISHOP High-end Brand Evening Envelope Clutches

This foldover pouch creates a classic yet noticeable look with its beautiful envelope design. It’s available in being, black, blue, and white. These are all neutral colors that would be sure to go well with professional ensembles. The clutch also contains two shoulder straps instead of the usual single one.

The capacity for this foldover pouch is quite large, with a depth of 2 inches, a width of 6.3 inches, and a length of 11 inches.  However, it’s still not big enough for a standard tablet or A4 notebook. It weighs around two pounds when it’s empty, so wouldn’t be much of a hassle to carry around. The closure method for this pouch is a magnetic hook, which is again a somewhat different option.

Overall, this item is a perfect choice for several occasions. You can use it daily when you’re out and about or preserve it for special use in evening parties.  

7. VLiving Tribal Pouch

This is a foldover pouch in an off-white shade. It’s bohemian in look, with several colors of embroidery on the front flap. The pouch itself is flat, but the length and width measure 9 and 6 inches respectively. The result is a tribal-looking, bright, and cheerful clutch that you can use to display your eclectic tastes.

The material for this pouch is a hundred percent cotton, so provides a soft option for all your carrying needs. Even the tassel is handmade, ensuring a high quality and distinctive appearances.  However, since it’s made of duck cotton canvas fabric, the bag itself would probably last for a long time. It won’t be vulnerable to tearing or ripping as you might expect from a regular cotton option.

8. Felice Women Snakeskin Bag

This handbag is a foldover option that’s perfect for outings in the evening as well as for more casual use.  The lining inside is of polyester, which may not give a very soft or luxurious effect. However, it would make for a water-resistant and durable option. The outer material is made of high-quality PU leather, which makes for a classy and sleek appearance.

The snap closure and zip top of this clutch keep your necessities secure and in one place. The hardware is gold-toned, ensuring that the bag stays durable and looking elegant. You can choose to use this item as a shoulder bag, handbag, cross body bag, or a clutch. 

9. VLiving Boho Vibrant Multicolor Foldover Clutch Bag

VLiving Boho Vibrant Multicolor foldover clutch bag is a colorful, Moroccon-style fashionable handbag that is entirely made by hands. This clutch bag is made of pure linen material, making it lightweight but without compromising durability and style. You will see multicolored embroidery on this clutch depicting the classic Kilim weaving pattern.

Aside from its pure linen makeup, the inside portion of this bag is also padded with cotton fabric for additional protection to your valuables. Also, placing your valuables inside this bag is made more convenient with the bag’s easy-zip closure plus the colorful bohemian hand made tassels you can easily hold.

With the exquisite design of this clutch bag, you can bring this on any occasion like seminars, festivals, parties, or even during beach outings!

10. JNB Women’s Faux Microsuede Foldover Mini Pouch

This foldover pouch is available in the colors teal, black, fuchsia pink, ivory, navy, and several others. It’s made beautiful with a metallic gold ornament finishing on top of its polyester fabric exterior. The synthetic material makes for a durable product that can hold whatever you need without giving way.

The inside of this pouch is lined with twill fabric and measure 7 inches in height when unfolded. When folded, the height is around 4 inches. There’s also a long 5.5-inch tassel attached. The overall appearance has been deemed too small by some, but worthwhile for others. In short, this pouch is not meant to be a clutch but just a small bag for the basic essentials.


There are several stylish and elegant options for foldover pouches reviewed above. The best one for you would depend upon what you need it for as well as your personal requirements. However, the highest amount of capacity available is with the ILISHOP High-end Brand Evening Envelope Clutches. These not only give you a beautiful design but also have a lot of space for carrying several items necessary for a night out.